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10-11 January 2016, New Delhi
Harnessing diaspora is considered to be one of the important mega trends of globalization. The emergence of diaspora as a possible resource in different spheres has significantly expanded as a consequence of the enabling conditions provided by globalization resulting into international migration. Diaspora has emerged as an enabler of development. This period is also characterized, among other facets, with the availability of cheaper and faster means of communications, cheaper air travel, better connectivity, free movement of money, capital, and porous borders. All these have contributed to the increasing utilization and harnessing of diaspora as a resource, which was hitherto considered a fissiparous, and a centrifugal force.
 Success stories of contribution of diasporas for development of the home country, especially the Chinese experience, fast track engagement of abandoned diaspora by India and the recognition of the UN and international organizations of diasporic forces as a developmental resource led to a series of policy initiatives in both diaspora sending as well as diaspora receiving countries. They have come out with several policy options to make diasporic engagements an economic driver and international migration as a catalyst in growth and development.


 India's 25 million strong diaspora is spread over a hundred countries in different continents. It is one of the largest diaspora in the world. It has an old diaspora of those who migrated during the colonial period to different colonies. However, in recent times, there has also been the external migration of highly skilled professionals moving to Europe and US while semiskilled workers tend to move to the Gulf and South East Asia. Diaporic engagement and international migration of Indians have given mixed results with both positive as well as negative consequences. The experiences of different countries are diverse. For some countries it has been a boon leading to massive economic development, strong international presence.
Against this backdrop, Organisation for Diaspora Initiatives (ODI), New Delhi in collaboration with CAS-School of International Studies, Jawaharlal Nehru University, New Delhi is organising an International Academic Conference on “Diaspora and International Migration in Development: Comparative Global Experiences” on 10-11 January 2016 in New Delhi.
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Please submit your abstract on the requested topic (250 words) by 25th July 2015. The abstract selection will be communicated by 30th July 2015. All those whose abstracts are accepted need to submit a draft paper of 5000 words by 1st November 2015 on emails given below. For all participants whose abstracts are accepted on the requested topic and their draft papers are received by due date, they do not have to pay any registration fee. There is no financial support for travel and local hospitality. For those participants who are not presenting papers, there is a registration fee of US$ 200, which will provide conference kits and meals/snacks during the conference period. Papers from the conference may be published in the academic journal Diaspora Studies or in a book form by an international publisher.
Please submit your abstract along with a short CV (around 250 words) to Conference Chair, Prof. Ajay Dubey, School of International Studies, Jawaharlal Nehru University, and New Delhi on odiseminar@gmail.com .
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